CRI understands that occasionally problems may arise and you may have a complaint.

At CRI we take our customer complaints very seriously and have a process through which we seek to resolve them.

Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) has been designed to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the services referred to in this FSG that are provided by Car Rental Insurance Pty Ltd (CRI) and Delaney Kelly Golding Pty Limited (DKG).

This FSG contains general information about how we, and others are remunerated in relation to those services and information about how you may access our internal and external dispute resolution procedures. It also sets out other information and details required by law to be included.

We trust it will assist you in deciding whether to use our services.

This FSG has been prepared and is distributed under DKG’s authorisation. It applies from 14 March 2012 and remains valid unless a further FSG is issued to replace it.

Disclosure Information

We will provide you with further information whenever we provide you with advice which takes into account your objectives, financial situation and needs. This information may include the advice that we have given you, the basis of the advice and other information on our remuneration and any relevant associations or interests. This information may be contained in a Statement of Advice (SOA).

Where we provide general advice service we provide a general recommendation or opinion to you on the relevant product which is not based on a consideration by us of your personal needs.

You should consider whether our general advice is appropriate having regard to those matters and obtain a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the recommended product before making a decision whether to acquire it.

If we offer to arrange the issue of an insurance policy to you, we will also provide you with, or pass on to you, a PDS unless you already have an up to date PDS from the insurer.

CRI may also charge you a fee for issuing or making changes to any policy. If CRI charges you a fee, this will be a dollar amount based on the complexity of the work needed to provide you with the cover you require.

This fee will be shown separately on any invoice that CRI gives you.

Our staff are remunerated by means of salary and may receive a bonus or incentives which are based on a number of factors, including achievement of company goals.

DKG does not receive any commission or fees for the services that CRI provides or otherwise in connection with the CGU policies issued by CRI.

If you would like more detailed particulars of the above remuneration arrangements, please ask us. You must request this information within a reasonable time after this document is provided to you and before you are provided with any financial services to which it relates.

Your Payment Terms

We will invoice you for the premium including any statutory charges and any fees we charge for our services.

You must pay us within 14 days of the date of invoice unless otherwise requested, and in the case of a renewal, before the expiry date of your contract of insurance. If you do not pay on time, the insurer may cancel the contract. The insurer may also charge a short term penalty premium for the time on risk.

If you cancel the insurance at any time (except during any policy cooling off period) we will not rebate any commissions or fees to you. We will require a written request from you to cancel any insurance cover.

If You Have a Concern

It is our aim to provide a quality service to you, our customer.

If you have any concern about us or our service, please contact the person you have been dealing with in the first instance. If they are unable to satisfy your concern, please ask to speak to the General Manager of CRI who will ensure that any concerns you may have are resolved in a speedy and professional manner.

In the event we do not achieve our aim and cannot resolve the matter with you to your satisfaction, you can access DKG‘s internal dispute resolution by contacting Luke Kelly, Director. Phone: 02 9929-7299 or 1800 252 926.

The PDS will contain information about the particular policy which will enable you to make an informed decision about purchasing that policy.

About Us and Our Services

DKG is authorised to deal in, and provide financial product advice about general insurance products.

CRI is an Authorised Representative of DKG.

DKG has authorised CRI to deal in, and provide financial product advice about, Motor Vehicle Insurance products.

CRI specialises in arranging Motor Vehicle Insurance for car rental operators and the services it will provide to you are limited to these products.

CRI has been given a “binding authority” by Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 tradings as CGU Insurance (CGU), authorising us to issue, vary and dispose of and to deal with or settle claims on behalf of CGU, as if it was CGU.

In providing its services to you, CRI acts on behalf of CGU, not for you.

How We are Paid

CRI receives commission payment from CGU that is calculated as a percentage of the base premium (i.e. premium excluding any amounts charged in relation to stamp duty, GST or any other government charges, taxes, fees or levies).

This commission is payable, which includes, when a policy is first issued by CRI to you, when the policy is renewed and when endorsements are made to a policy that increases the premium.

CRI may also be entitled to payments by CGU (or to repay commission to CGU) depending on profitability of insurance policies issued by CRI on behalf of CGU.

If your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction or within 45 days, you may refer the matter to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) which is an external disputes resolution body that is free to consumers.

You can contact AFCA from anywhere in Australia on 1800 931 678.