Digitally transform your fleet

Our in-house claims management team is renowned for its unparalleled expertise and making a substantial impact on the outcome of your customers' claim.

We are committed to providing better, faster and more cost efficient claims through our fully digitally enabled claims management solutions… all delivered by an expert team that understands the complexities of the insurance industry and claims process.

Our fully digital claims management solutions capture incidents on the spot, reduce claim costs and increase the likelihood of recoveries against at-fault parties.


Designed to maximise performance and minimise downtime for your customers’ fleets, our solutions utilise cutting-edge digital technology combined with tailored workflows to get vehicles back on the road quickly.

All of this means fewer days off the road, lower administrative costs and less hassle for your customers.

For more on our claims management, please visit Recoversure.

Our claims solutions

Illustration of five business people in cogs holding various items such as a laptop and clipboard for CRI claims management.

Claims management

Digital claims management solutions help reduce costs, save time and improve the overall claims lifecycle experience for your customers.

Illustration of a stressed man standing next to a mechanic who is working on his damaged car for CRI Under Excess Claims.

Under excess claims

Outsourcing excess claims management can reduce costs, increase recoveries and save time while providing 24/7 real-time tracking of claims, faster vehicle repairs and the ability to identify trends.

Illustration of two people that have been involved in a minor road accident for CRI accident management.

Accident management

Accident management provides 24/7 support and guidance to your customers’ drivers following an accident, as well as working with repairers to quickly get vehicles back on the road.

Illustration of a person sitting at a desk working on a computer analysing telematics data for CRI telematics integration.

Telematics integration

Telematics helps integrate data into our claims portal, improve claims recovery, reduce insurance premiums and enable instant FNOL via the telematics device for your customers.

The customer journey

Icon of QR Code for CRI - QR Code.

Our QR code captures images at the accident scene.

CRI - Digital Assessment

Claim are digitally assessed for speed and accuracy.

Icon of a tow truck towing car for CRI - Repair Network

We work with your customers’ repairer to get vehicles back on the road faster.

CRI - Claims Management Portal

You can track your customers’ claims with our 24/7 real-time claims management portal.

CRI - Digitally Transform Your Fleet

Digitally transform your customers’ fleets and reduce the claims lifecycle.

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